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It is God’s wish that all men on earth shall believe in the Gospels. But believers have insight into the secrets of creation in other world religions too.
How much beauty you find in Buddha's teachings! And the great religion of Islam is also a strong source of power for God. The faithful of this community are devout, humble and receptive to the radiations of heaven. All great men of knowledge, all the seers and prophets endowed with divine grace have had special insight into the world beyond. It was not possible, however, to reveal the whole truth to individuals.
Now is the time for the faithful on earth to unite in order to combine the great truth, which they all proclaim in their individual religions, into one great religion of love.
It is totally futile for the initiated to quarrel about minor differences in their religious interpretations. Everybody must respect the opinion of the other man who, in his own way, prays to God and fulfils the laws of humanity. No one should yield to the illusion that he is more knowledgeable, better, or more initiated than the others.
At all times in the history of mankind very advanced civilisations have existed. All civilisations had their gods, and God has always been the highest, the most sublime spirit, looking down on his creation and influencing it with the currents of heaven as much as he could.
All great minds have realised that this earthly existence is not the meaning of life. It is also common knowledge that the souls arc resurrected and do not remain in their earthly bodies. The ancient founders of religions and their custodians took their tasks very seriously and looked upon the education of their contemporaries as a great necessity. With the knowledge of the soul's eternity, their desire was to better the earthly existence of their fellow men.
Now you must strive to strengthen the similarity among religions and smooth out minor differences. The age-old arrogance of individuals and communities towards those of a different belief must be stopped.
These explanations should reassure you in the religious knowledge that you have preserved, but they should also impose strong commandments upon you.
All you who call yourselves Christians should consider it your common duty to find the right path to unification — the unification of your separate religious groups. Free yourselves from ambition and dogmatism in divine matters. Seek to talk to one another. From the essential insights and principles of the holy scriptures, put together a doctrine that is valid for all believers.