The world of shadows and the maturation of souls

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Every person who committed evil on earth enters the shadow world. He remains completely locked in his personality. His punishment is exactly in accordance with his evil deeds. There are the most varied punishments, just as there are the most varied crimes and sins. Never has a sinner been condemned to eternal damnation. Everyone has the chance to climb up from the world of darkness into the higher realms of light. Everyone is granted the great, divine mercy of penance.
Penance has to be endured in the world of shadows until the soul has been purified. Since there are gruesome souls -people who commit the most dreadful cruelties - there is also gruesome pain and suffering in the shadow world. The souls have to endure exactly the same pain they inflicted on other people or on animals.
We have people in the shadow world who - measured in earthly time - are exposed for centuries to unfeeling spirits who inflict upon them the measure of suffering they have deserved. But even these people, who are kept in a state of great physical pain and mental anguish, stand on the steps of development. Even from the very bottom step there is a way back to the light - through life on earth. There is no eternal damnation. Pain and suffering without end does not exist.
The concept of a hell in which men he in torment for eternity has its origins in inaccurate translations. This will be scientifically clarified by a re-examination of the first records of the Holy Scriptures.
In due course the punishment of every soul is ended and the person is left to the influence of special teachers. Angels W"O are physicians of the soul now deal with him. They hope for a great catharsis and a dawning of realisation in the watching mind; watching, because all his crimes and cruelties are shown to him in picture form. God waits a long time for the human mind to understand.
If this does not occur, if a heart remains cold, then such an extremely ugly soul is not pardoned to reincarnate as a human being. It is disposed of, in that it is returned to the original life form of earth. As a human soul it is extinguished. God only sends back its immortal element to begin anew on earth. And once again it is guided through the same preparations which mark the long path of evolution for all souls.
Like all things that are meant to attain perfection, souls must mature. They have to achieve a great increase in value in their evolution. Every soul is destined to enter God's great world one day. But in God's world only the most noble souls can find entry- Therefore, reincarnation is a necessity. Punishment for evil deeds is also a necessity. It is a mercy for those who have been evil that they are punished, for this is the only way for their souls to be saved.
Punishment is conducted in such a way that brings great increase to soul value. A person who was cruel in this life will never again be cruel after the punishment he has had to suffer.
Everyone marked with the sign of Cain undergoes a strict examination. His way of life is carefully scrutinised and all circumstances that led to his crime are discussed. Everything that can be considered in his defence is taken into account. The very highest justice and wisdom of God is evident in the manner in which the punishment is carried out.
Good people with only minor faults immediately enter a beautiful, bright world where they are educated in a wonderful way. This education is conducted by the angels of God. They are those angels who, as guardian angels, already looked after their human children on earth. Now, in the loving, but strict, fashion that characterises them, they attend to the maturation and development of their charges.
Minor sinners can therefore be certain that they will not be thrown into purgatory. Instead they will be educated. If you demonstrate good will, you will even be allowed to meet your relatives and friends. The joys of meeting again are delightful. However, immature souls are, on no account, allowed to visit mature souls. Only the reverse is possible. The spirit beings who are more advanced descend to those who have not progressed so far. They tell about their home and bring to their beloved, anxiously awaited ones, the radiance of a blissful world.