Three suns in the universe

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Holy waves of light flood the cosmos. They arise from the constellation of unity of the trinal Godhead. This constellation consists of three suns, every one of which is of vital importance to the universe.
When I, Jesus Christ, had demonstrated the power of love by sacrificing myself as a human being and ascended from human life, the third of these suns came into being. Through the immense increase of light generated in the world of spheres, the powers of darkness were forced to flee the cosmos.
Through this illumination of the entire cosmos, God achieved absolute rule over the kingdom of eternity, which he had steered through the storms of chaos to the order of evolution- And at this period of time, God installed a star ruler in every galaxy to consolidate his might.
Like all angels of the Eternal One, these princely sovereigns of the star masses are permeated with the spirit and the will of God. As they have sprung from the soul of the Holy Spirit, their feeling is at one with the Godhead, to whom they belong for eternity. Because of this and according to the divine laws of life, it has become quite impossible for spirits of resistance ever to develop again in the cosmos.
The cosmos emerged from the darkness into the light when I, Jesus Christ, rose from the dead. God's triple star shines over the infinity of the universe. It shines into eternity. It can never be extinguished.