The organisation of God's state

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God's state is organised in accordance with the most sacred laws. It is governed by divine justice. Imagine God as the ruler of an infinitely large kingdom; the son who is telling you this, is at his side; behind them, shining like a sun, the Holy Spirit.
Next to God are ranged the archangels, the highest and most sublime statesmen. Some of them are familiar to you, but there are many others who have great tasks to fulfil in the universe. Subordinate to them is the host of star-gods, the rulers of the stars. They too are angels. They are divided into those who work in the cosmos and those who are earth-related. The latter are also called angels of fate. Every cosmic star-ruler commands a galaxy, and there are billions.

The angels of fate have other tasks. They are appointed to educate mankind and exert their influence on you from the stars surrounding the earth, according to the laws of a justice which is beyond your understanding.
A strong current links all the authorised spirits of heaven to God the Lord, whose will commands the whole universe-
Next to the star-rulers, who are very independent, there are, on the same footing, the hosts of angels, who have a relationship of total unity widi God. His feeling is their feeling. In the world beyond, as well as on earth, they work in the most diverse fields. Here, they are guardian angels. They strengthen you and inspire you. They take care of you and protect you from evil influences. But they have no power over fate.
Mary, the queen of heaven, is glorious in God's light. She has great power. A whole realm of stars belongs to her and from here she exerts her influence in favour of those who pray to her.
All the saints are in her service; they are authorised to help those who pray and whose hearts are pure. But even Mary, with all the souls who flock around her, is not empowered to intervene in every destiny. She too is subject to the sublime laws of the eternal rulers of fate. However, if the basic requirements are met, Mary, in her infinite love and mercy, can help the supplicants.
Star-rulers can alter a pre-arranged fate. They are the builders of your earthly existence and constantly watch you. If you pass the tests of these angels of fate, they cancel radiations of hardship and substitute more auspicious ones.
It is time now for you to get to know them, for in the centuries to come you must pass through this short, but infinitely important earthly existence in respectful communion with these mighty representatives of God.