The nature of the soul

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The people of this century are at the point of exploring the mysterious composition of the soul. Technical photography has succeeded in making visible a duplicate shape around every living being.
Man strives to uncover the relationship between spirit and matter, but all researchers who try to fathom nature without understanding that it is nothing but God's work are on the wrong path. Their scientific findings - the booty of plunderous research - leave them bewildered and facing new problems resulting from their discoveries. As much is gained as is lost.
You will never succeed in exploring nature by means of technology and reason alone. There is only one way to advance - through the bond with God. How many blind alleys you take! Stop exploring the secrets of creation through cruel experiments! Animals are not objects and you must not abuse them by violating all the laws of humanity. Your efforts to penetrate the secrets of God are futile if you do not open the eyes of your soul.
The soul is a structure comparable to the earthly body. This radiation from God's holy current is given to all creatures. Everything that breathes, therefore every plant, tree and flower, must receive this divine power, otherwise it would fall apart. Call this current in all life aura, aura. Theou - the breath of God. The more advanced the spiritual development of creatures, the stronger this aura.
The human soul, however, is of a particular nature. Its inner skeleton is constructed from animal soul-substance, but the divine reflection within comes from a star of the Holy Spirit, which gives birth in the universe to the rays of eternal life like a sun. Your souls are prepared with the greatest love
by God's angels. They receive these rays and implant them into the expectant life-form, where they remain until the soul is called to enter a newborn human child.
Old fairy-tales and legends tell of mysterious appearances of the soul which caused fear to the living. But the senses of the earthly body are generally not able to recognise the phenomenon of the soul. Such recognition is only possible under very special circumstances.
Souls are the strongest and most stable miracles of life in God's worlds. You imagine them to be of rays, but they have exactly the same bodily appearance as you who live on earth. They detach themselves from the material body, which must perish, but they are also of matter - in a form which you cannot grasp for, as the word expresses, you want to "grasp" in order to understand.
However, you cannot touch souls, you do not see or feel them and yet they arc of a material that is prepared in the same way as your earthly body. But the material is of another composition, of other atoms, of a star-substance sanctified by the eternal Godhead's love of life. The basic structure of the soul is the same as the earthly body in God's sublime conception, but it is made of subtle, spiritual elements.
The earth is a matter of unique composition, but this matter is nothing other than a web of energy consisting of minute, vibrating particles. Contemporary scientists have already discovered this. It is, therefore, only seemingly solid. Everything is flexibly bound together, held fast by a mysterious power of attraction. What in you is the breath of God - the soul, the aura - exists in every living thing. But in the entire earth and solar system a controlled power of self-attraction causes the binding of matter. This power maintains the shape of all substances. Immortal souls can move through dead matter just as you do through air. Because of this, at the moment of death, the souls of men can be freed from their earthly encasements.
People can be smashed to death by rocks. They can perish in explosions. The most terrible way of dying today is considered to be destruction by the atomic bomb. But even the bomb cannot destroy the immortal existence of the soul. In whatever way a person dies on earth, his soul lives on and is accepted into the higher realms of spheric life.
The soul, therefore, is absolutely indestructible. Through earthly life it is formed and strengthened. Even its outward appearance is determined by you. Genetic heritage may give someone an unattractive appearance. But if there is a noble soul within him, his outward appearance is changed when he is freed from his earthly body. His face, which appeared ugly on earth, is transformed in a miraculous way. The disturbances of his incarnate appearance are eliminated in the immortal shape of his soul, in spite of which he is recognised by his loved ones. Those who died before him welcome him in astonishment and joyfully he sees his own image in the mirror. He is changed in a way that has preserved his essential features and has removed only the irregularities of his earthly appearance.
On the other hand, there are people who on earth were endowed with faces of perfect beauty, but their souls degenerated and, after death they appear so terribly disfigured that they do not recognise themselves. They have to live with that ugly face and body until they have been purified by hard penance.
You human beings, develop the beauty of your soul through purity of character, through decency and morals, through nobility of the heart and generosity. Recognise your own weaknesses and conquer them!
Overcome disturbed emotions such as arrogance and pride, vanity, avarice, inconsideration or dogmatism, the exaggerated need for earthly pleasures, for apparent happiness, the numbing of worries through poisons of all kind.
Remain pure! Never be cold and heartless towards all that needs protection! Attach yourselves to the bonds of love with God with all the power of your hearts - so you will shape the souls within you to perfect beauty.