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My people, you who doubt the reality of God as revealed in Jesus Christ, hear my words:
I am God! I am God's soul, I am God's feeling, I am God's will and God's word.
I lived as a man, and as a man I loved and beheld the stars of eternity. As a man I suffered bodily pain, the anguish of humiliation and the fears of the dangers that threatened me. As a man I exhausted life’s content to the utmost.
As God I was born to the chosen, blessed lady, whose soul shone in greatest purity.
She gave birth to the son who was begot by the powerful love of the most sublime spirit, by the powerful love of God, -who in manly essence expressed himself in the preparation of earthly life and implanted the great miracle of the divine origin of the soul into human nature.
This is what humanity believed for generations, ever since the spreading of the Gospels. But modern mankind deems itself wiser, deems itself more enlightened and refuses to accept the divine nature of him, who was born as man. Raise yourselves now from the shadows of ignorance to the heights of the light of divine truth:
Jesus Christ is the son of God, he is the voice of God which you must heed.
Jesus Christ works in the will of the Creator, in his feeling, in his blessing. He is God1 s power of love, in tune with the triad of divine harmony.
Even as the third complements and determines the musical triad, Jesus works in the spheric accord of the divine trinity, in the trinal star of the Godhead
The spheric accord resounds only as unity - unity is divine