The earth as a soul-forming planet

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The earth is exposed to special cosmic radiations. It is the only planet in the whole universe designated to develop the immortal human soul. The stars that are located in visible proximity to the earth all have an influence on this planet, which is positioned close to the sun and which, because of its geological conditions, has rendered possible the great upsurge of life- The radiations onto earth come from currents that flow through the entire cosmos. They are reflected by the stars that surround the earth.
The earth is a minor, small but infinitely important star in the universe. It gives the cosmos the gift of souls and the gift of life preparation. On it, through God's power, through his spirit and will, life is developed. Life, which then in supreme perfection, lives on in spirit form. This is why this star must not perish.
The divine rulers who are at home on the stars surrounding you, however, need the power of man's faith to be able to do good- They need the bond of the incarnated souls to the Creator, to God the Lord. They are less powerful when mankind tries to live independently; when it is unaware of the gods, these angels of the stars, all of whom are authorised servants of God. This has happened in this century. A large section of mankind lives without a strong bond of faith and those who do believe are controlled by the narrow-mindedness of the religious community to which they belong.
Today it must be considered the holiest obligation of man to observe the laws of charity and, in recognition of God on the very highest level, to apply them even to those of a different faith. Very great sins are committed as a result of the arrogance of the members of religious communities. To be a Christian means, firstly to love God. It is exactly the same in the other world religions - the holiest law is the love of God. It is incomprehensible that men who claim to be religious should insult and fight, in the most detestable way, those who belong to a different faith.
God and Allah are one spirit. And how the unworthy believers behave towards one another! Invoking the holiest name, they commit the most horrendous acts of violence. They cannot imagine what judgment awaits them.
All men are brethren. All men have been created by the life-forming love of the one great, glorious God, who rules the whole cosmos.
All men live on this little earth as if marooned on a ship from which there is no escape. If the ship sinks, all are lost. If this were to happen, your happiness of eternal life would be over-shadowed by God's grief over the destruction of the earth, which you would have caused. Therefore, you must first purify your souls. Then the stars will banish disaster and your minds will be inspired by the angels' thoughts which enter. You will then be protected from folly and dangerous reasoning. Ways will be shown to you to preserve the human race, which God will not allow to become extinct, if you commit yourselves to him.
In the most diverse areas of life restrictions will be imposed upon you. The affluent societies of the industrial nations must revert to a more modest life. The purification of this planet has to be started immediately and carried out with the greatest diligence.
A global reduction of the birth rate is necessary, because the earth has become too crowded for you. This little planet is congested, worn out and sick. You must now revive it for a future mankind of supreme maturity.
You will be inspired with all the directions for the preservation of the earth. The pre-condition for this is the star-shine of love which you must receive with an open heart. All of you can climb the steep path to the crest of enlightenment. Go with God, my endangered people, and all will be