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God's world is divided into different spheres of existence. You on this small planet know only the life on earth and early gravity. You can barely imagine a spirit life. But it will not be long before your scientists will have calculated that there is a world of existence, which you can neither see with your eyes, nor bring into focus with your most sophisticated instruments on earth or in space. All souls who have cast off the mortal frame enter this sphere of existence.
The world of spiritual existence has been created by God in the same way as the world of gravity; it comes from the same essence. Therefore, both creations resemble each other. Nothing has come into being by accident. Imagine the world of heavy matter as being identical with the world of light matter; as identical as an image in a mirror. Your dead live on, bound to reality exactly like you who are still incarnated.
It is a great error if you imagine the life of the soul to be an existence in dream-like ecstasy, or a state of nirvana into which the spirits sink as into a sea of blissful emotion. The old concept of paradise needs to be rectified, as does the old concept of hell.
Paradise, in which the good souls are only concerned with being happy, is just as non-existent as hell, in which the evil souls are eternally tortured in a fiery inferno by cruel devils. Mankind is now one stage of development higher than it was a few centuries ago. On the whole, it is not as child-like; it has matured. Therefore, you shall now receive clarification about the spirit world.
In the course of these reports you will learn what it really looks like in God's flourishing worlds of souls and how people Jive there. But first, the spheres.
The earth is surrounded by spheric circles which are very far from one another. In spirit life distances in the universe have no meaning. The cosmic planets resemble the earth in their basic structure. In those spheres closer to the earth are the planets of the shadow-world - the zones of punishment - as well as the planets of purification and soul-cleansing, we have special zones of instruction for the different kinds of human weaknesses and mistakes.
The ultimate happiness all souls aspire to is to be taken to one of the stars close to God. For us there is no up and down, but on that sphere most distant from the earth, God's radiance is most powerful. This sphere is called the highest; it is the realm of the blessed.