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Earth is the tree on which the fruits of life ripen, bearing the kernels from which new life blossoms in God's world. Your earthly bodies are only the mortal frames of your souls. If such a frame sickens and the kernel remains healthy, then the suffering is transitory; if, however, the kernel falls sick, the fruit is lost and the tree of life has to bring forth - on the same branch - new fruit which bears a precious kernel. So it is with reincarnation.
Not only the sick fruits, however, but also those that fall to the ground before they are ripe do not count and must be renewed. But all of you are able to enter God's kingdom without having to live on earth again. The best safeguard against reincarnation is a profound spiritual bond with Jesus Christ. Conform to the teachings of Christianity; there is no better religion for you.
You who have broken away from the great community of the Church, find your way back to it. Rejoin your brethren who are united in their faith. It is better than being isolated. In this solemn fellowship you are stronger than as an individual. If, however, you are not inclined to join one of the Christian communities and you prefer to find the way to God alone, then go out into the star-lit nights when the brilliance of heaven is greatest and offer secret prayers to your Creator- Walk the stony paths of the mountains, in the solitude of the forests, in the silence of nature and dedicate your shining souls to the God of love.