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A new chapter in the story of my miracle began with the introduction of Benedicta. To me she seemed softer than Clarissa, more gentle and more indulgent, but she told me:
"It is not that I am more indulgent, but that God wants me to be so. He wants to see you being guided more gently now. My gentleness can always turn into strictness, should his high will command it. You are held only by God, in the strictness as in the gentleness of his feeling."
When I asked Benedicta whether Clarissa was perhaps an archangel - something that seemed possible to me because of her strength -1 received no answer. Instead she said:
"Archangels are keepers of sanctity and rulers of state. In the realm of light they have to master immensely important and difficult tasks, but they are no nearer to God than all the other angels. The hierarchy of angels is only a distribution of tasks, but we angels all have the same close relationship to God. Each one of us is as strong as God requires us to be at a given time, because we are permeated by his power and his will,"
Now the time came when Jesus began to send the prominent spirits of heaven to me, to teach me the fundamentals of all those matters about which he himself wanted to give me information and messages later on.
Every instrument has to be tuned before a great master begins to play it. So, probably, I too had to be tuned before I could serve Jesus.
In the course of 1978 Benedicta mentioned many names and described a great variety of personalities - their appearances, their characters and their fields of activity; she also named the stars on which they live. Whenever I had a quiet hour, she had one or other of these spirits guide my hand. All the reports I received I transferred to the typewriter, because the writing was often very difficult to read.
Much of what the messengers of heaven told me, I found to be common Christian knowledge when later I studied the different catechisms, so I need not repeat it. Likewise, many aspects that I learned from the other world may already be known to those who have read metaphysical and esoteric books, or those who have studied Catholic mysticism. For me, everything was new.
The names of the heavenly beings were unusual and mysterious. Benedicta did not explain their meaning to me. To some of my questions she simply replies:
"Your angel is silent."
The first star-gods, as Clarissa had called them, that I came to know were Sixtus, from the constellation of Pisces and Usebius, from the fixed star, Sirius.
After getting to know Usebius I became acquainted with Ezenaidas, who administers the planet Neptune and later Abbenados, who told me to think of him when I looked up to Cassiopeia in the night sky. Osario, whom Benedicta compared with Baldur of the Teutons, once gave me an account of the ruler of the planet Jupiter, whom the angels call Emilius.
Ervinius, the ruler of Mars, also came to me once when I called upon him for help, which he granted me immediately and very noticeably. His guidance of my hand was particularly strong and firm. I was told many and wonderful things about Alemeila and Amerides, who beam their rays to us from Venus. I heard a little about Deiamos, who administers Mercury, but later he was described in detail in the messages from Jesus.
In poetic terms Benedicta described Samodian to me; he seemed to resemble the Grecian Eros. She told me quite clearly, however, as Clarissa had already done, that all these prominent spirits were not absolute rulers, but only sons of the almighty Father, who is our God and Creator.
She told me about Osseshua, the dark-skinned guardian and angel of fate of the black people. She said his appearance is glorious and noble. With fatherly love he seeks to help all dark-skinned people and give them the feeling of their own dignity.
For every human race there are powerful angels in the stars; personalities of the highest rank, whose appearance mirrors all the characteristics of the race in perfect beauty.
Sanaides, Endyminian, Alezebio, Mandenides, Melimeres are the names of angels who are only there for the people in the world beyond and, therefore, do not belong to the angels of fate. I was told that Domiegus is a very affectionate and serious angel of breathtaking beauty, who comes from the constellation Southern Cross to visit those :r a difficult death bringing them wonderful comfort.
I also came to know Dalamos, the son of God who comes from the most distant of the stars around our earth, because he came once and took my hand. He is the ruler of the Andromeda nebula, so he administers a whole galaxy. Despite the immense remoteness of his stars, he still maintains a close relationship with the earth, for distance is of no consequence for divine beings. Dalamos told me that the Andromeda nebula is the only galaxy included in the radiation fields of our Milky Way. All the more distant groups of stars are of no importance to the earth.
I read that the ancient Sumerians knew, as early as 3500 BC that the cosmos is saturated with life. They maintained very close religious relations with their star-gods. Now, once again, we are to learn that we are watched and examined by many eyes and not a few of us may be tried, weighed and found wanting. And when we have absorbed this scene of manifold activities above us, it is again sufficient if we simply turn to God, for all love flows to him.
Whenever we send prayers to Jesus, he sets in motion for us those powers which are necessary and appropriate to the matter. And yet we are also allowed, in cases of distress, to call upon those high spirits who are close to him and who are at work in the stars above us, just as we may ask strong human souls for help.
The Church knows of the power of pleas for intercession to saints, as well as the use of prayer by those among us who are mighty in love. If we feel weak and a strong soul prays for us, the love in our heart is absorbed by the radiation power of this soul and makes its way to the Godhead through a stronger current.
The intensity of the power of love is of the greatest importance. Currents of love, sent up to the Holy Trinity through our prayers, are absorbed and directed back to us. We do not have to reflect upon the manner in which God's blessing, the hearing and fulfilment of prayers and help is allotted to us.
If we should try to rationalise the divine registration and scrutiny of every individual soul, we can only imagine that the cosmic powers must have, at their disposal, techniques, compared with which our most brilliant computers are the most primitive instruments.
Devout Christians need no explanation for the mysterious activity above us. They have known about it for a long time. Did not Jesus say:
"But the very hairs of your head are all numbered," and "...for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid that shall not be known." (Matthew 10/30 and 10/26.)