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An important element in the symphony of this dream-like summer of 1977 was a performance of Richard Strauss's opera Salome which I saw at the Salzburg Festival, For me two millennia merged into an hour and everything was transposed into the present. I was deeply touched by the song of Jokanaan:
"Behold the day is at band, the day of the Lord, and I bear upon the mountains the feet of him, -who shall he the saviour of the world."
And in another passage, in wonderful musical glorification, the words:
" There is hut one who can save thee. Go, seek him, seek him! He Is in a boat on the Sea of Galilee and talks to his disciples. Kneel down on the shore of the sea and call unto him by his name. When he cometh to thee and to all who call on him he cometh, then how thyself at his feet and ask of him the remission of thy sins."
"And to all who call on him, he cometh..." I believe that after this festival evening all my feeling, longing and loving was one single call to Jesus. And yet I was deeply startled when he appeared to me two days later.
I was not praying, but just walking up the first steps of the house from the garden when my right hand was struck by an electric shock that ran up my arm and penetrated my heart. I looked around and saw... felt... knew: Jesus! One cannot describe such an experience. The only words that come to me when I try are: glory, beauty, love, bliss and humility.
In the instant of recognition the image disappeared. My view lost itself in the wide expanse of the fields and the distance of the forest, when I heard the words - as clear and as real as the whisper of a person standing right before me — with which now also lie, Jesus Christ, called upon me to write a book that was to be inspired in the first instance by reports from sublime spirits of heaven, and later also by Jesus himself. And I received the blessing of the glorious son of God. I was completely unable to understand how something so wonderful could happen to me. My joy was over-whelming.
On a later occasion I asked Jesus to repeat the words he had spoken to me that day (it was 28th July, 1977) by guiding my hand. These were his words: "I am Jesus Christ.
Oh, my child, I have come to tell you that you are blessed. An exceptional fate is in store for you. You are pale and trembling. No, do not be afraid. A miracle has occurred to you; a great, holy miracle. Because of a particular radiation of your soul, we are able to guide your hand. It is the wish of God to inform mankind about his works. Many things that man does not know, he shall come to know now. Mankind is passing through a severe crisis and shall be saved. You have a great task to fulfil on this earth. As you have already heard from your angel, you are to write a book. This book will be a revelation of the miracles of the cosmos. Your hand will be guided by the most sublime spirits of heaven and also I will have many things to tell you.
You, my child, are very fortunate in that you have been chosen to be a mediator between heaven and earth. Show that you are worthy of this task and resign yourself humbly to the will of the Creator. Continue to lead a normal life, but in your free hours receive our reports. Collect them and do not worry about anything else. God protects you. This is what I wanted to tell you. I bless you."