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You humans who turn to God in your prayers should be able to picture him. It is written in the Bible that God created man in his own image. Therefore, you know that God's appearance is human God has a human figure and countenance. He is a personal Cod and your pantheistic conceptions are based on error.
His appearance is absolute sublimity, beauty and glory; human, and yet far removed from human in the earthly sense. His countenance is radiant love, holy love, the origin and eternal spring of all love, the eternal life-current of the spirit. In his forehead the energy of the entire universe is closely compacted, the life energy of all that is. The eternal glory of life shines in his countenance. But his eyes, veiled in timeless hope and expectation, still reflect the horror of an era of creation when the powers of chaos raged. This greatest suffering of all, this suffering of many thousand sufferings, which God bears in his soul, will not cease before the Creator's highest hopes have been fulfilled and happiness and peace is given to him by the purity of all souls.
A heavy shadow still cloaks the Earth, an evil emanation has not yet been extinguished, the aftermath of the storms of creation is still harboured in the souls of many men who are unreceptive to the current of the Holy Spirit. It is only a breath, something which dissolves immediately when men turn their souls to God, when they understand that this most holy tie with God protects them against all the evil of this earth.
A strong bond of love passes from God into every human heart. It is a current which never fails and which enables even the most evil person to rise up again from the aberrations of life, as long as his heart still beats. Nobody is ever lost, but no sinner on earth can escape from punishment and penance.
Look up to God! It is his being which causes heaven to flourish. May his glorious heart be your daily shelter. Behold, he is like a man in his feelings. He has determined man's size according to his own stature, God lives as a fully grown man, and so do I, Jesus Christ, and all the angels and all those who are blessed.
The size of the universe in relation to the human size of God is without any importance, just as the distances in space are no distances for God. His spirit permeates the entire cosmos and with the speed of thought God can reach any place in his infinite kingdom of stars. This is beyond the understanding of you all.
But now know that God has human feelings; he feels happiness and joy, pain and suffering, disappointment and hope. And he feels a yearning. Yes, his heart constantly yearns for the prayers of your love. All you who are loved by God, let no day go by without thinking of him, without sending him a prayer from the depths of your heart. Pray to him in joy and sorrow and always be aware that this life on earth is only the preparation for the blissful existence in the world beyond. You live here only to mature for the real life.