Fighting sickness with the assistance of spiritual helpers - sixtus

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The first of the heavenly spirit beings I want to introduce to you is a powerful and - for all of you - a very important star-ruler. As an angel of fate he is on that frequency of radiation that beams down on you from the constellation of Pisces. His name is Sixtus.
He is a strict son of God who commands obedience. His appearance is magnificent, in accordance with the Creator's desire for beauty. His countenance is of such noble expression that his arrival at the circle of gods causes a stir of excitement. Do not imagine the star-gods to be like the angels in your picture books. The angels of fate resemble the gods as portrayed by the ancient Greeks, but even these give only a poor indication of the sublime beauty of the sons W* daughters of God. A diffused radiance is spread over them and they all reflect his majesty.
So imagine Sixtus to be of a very masculine appearance with a bearing of grandeur. His eyes, which in happy moments shine with a wonderful warmth, are overshadowed by bushy brows. His mouth, in contrast to the warm expression in his eyes, hints at severity. But when Sixtus flares up in a rage, his eyes emit sparks and no one responsible for his anger can escape.
Sixtus is the leading physician in the world beyond. We have no diseases, no germs, no viruses, but we do have doctors. On the one hand, they work as soul attendants in the spheres of stars, in fields of duty which I cannot explain to you here. On the other hand they are indispensable for the earth.
There is a certain, all-pervading ministration of spirit powers that is unknown to you. In this way your physicians often work under the thought influence of these spirit helpers. Through suggestions whispered into the brains of their charges they implant enlightening ideas. They influence them in a manner similar to that of guardian angels, whose work they complement. These call upon them whenever necessary.
However, if earthly physicians are impure in their soul substance, if they are inferior characters and allow themselves to he guided by base instincts, if they are godless, emotionally cold and place their own earthly happiness above the evaluation of the need and suffering of their patients, their senses arc closed to divine inspiration. As I have already said: only an open vessel can be filled.
Now, it is not only to doctors that these helpers are assigned. All of you can ask for spiritual healing. It complements earthly medical treatment.
There are sects who decline medical intervention, because they maintain that all suffering is given by God and has to be accepted. These people are mistaken. God has given man a mind and has developed his scientific knowledge. It can therefore never be God's wish that the human mind lies fallow. It is his aspiration to advance the human soul to the highest degree of maturity. People who refuse an operation for themselves or their children, when this is the only way to save a life, deprive God of the maturation of a soul.
One should only resign oneself to one's fate when all earthly and spiritual means of healing fail. Only then comes the surrender to inevitable destiny.
When you people are in poor health, go to your doctors as usual. When you have received medical treatment, call at the same time upon the healing powers of heaven. On millions of occasions we find that people who fall sick resign themselves to their fate in a kind of paralyzing submission. They have drifted so far away from faith, that it docs not even occur to them to pray. Excluded from the circle of the healthy, they give themselves sleepless nights through completely unnecessary fears and worries.
Those who suffer from cancer or other serious diseases are in a state of utmost despair. They behave like drowning castaways who do not even open their eyes to search the horizon for possibilities of rescue. The doctor's diagnosis hits them like a hammer blow and they stand aghast in the face of such horror.
All in all, the measures taken to heal cancer, this disorder of the tissue, are the right ones. The degenerate tissue has to be removed. Even then, the fear of a new outbreak of the disease remains. However, this fear promotes the disease. Hear now how you must behave in such cases:
In the domain of stars a powerful physician is at your disposal. Now when you lie on your sickbed, do not capitulate to fear. Enlist the help of the stars, which will be granted to you with the greatest love if you follow my instruction
Never yield to the idea that a sickness is incurable! The severest diseases can be healed, if not by earthly medicine, then by a combination of earthly and divine spiritual healing.
If a doctor gives up a case as hopeless, his bond with God is not sufficiently strong. I am not talking here about people who are dying, but about patients who still have the spirit of life and vigour. The soul body inside you cannot be affected by earthly sicknesses and injuries. It remains healthy within the sick physical body.
When Sixtus, or a spirit doctor sent by him, treats you, he beams the organ in your soul body which is sick in your physical body. Through increased radiant energy to the soul organ or to entire sections of the body that are endangered, your weakened body is built up. The cells are strengthened anew, the circulation is stimulated, the forces of resistance are considerably intensified and a process of purification takes place.
This is the secret of my miraculous healing which I effected as God's son of man on earth. I prayed to be given the greatest healing powers of the Holy Spirit. My prayer was heard and granted.
In this age man has detached himself from God and deprived himself of the most wonderful currents of help which the cosmos is ready to offer. You are in a phase of development that leads to maturity through a serious crisis. The nations of the world are still caught up in a strong urge to fight one another. They will still severely injure one another- But this time is coming to an end. Then a new age will dawn in which the soul's reliance on God will enable mankind to advance.
The preparation for the era of man's reliance on God is beginning now. Each one of you must cast off your lethargy and move towards this sublime goal! In each one of you is an antenna which is able to receive God's currents. Start to use it again. Even if the relations between the super powers are still in a state of turmoil, even if there is fighting in various parts of the world, everyone should still be aware of his holy commitment to God. This commitment is what gives him personally the greatest help in life.