Five commandments for today

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Fulfil my greatest wish and consider it the first commandment for today: UNITE! Found a league of Christianity and then strive towards a union of world religions! The current of love that flows to God from the non-Christian religions is very strong indeed. Those of a different faith shall keep the great, magnificent temple of love to God on firm foundations; yet they shall recognise that the son of God was on earth in order to redeem all men, to free them from the circle of reincarnation and to make accessible to them the way to a blissful life in God's glorious world.
None of the communities guarding the heritage of the scribes and the righteous visionaries is safe from the snakebite of time. The religions of mankind, once firm and well-grounded, have begun to shake and will very soon collapse if no such measures are taken. The Christians are in the greatest danger. Islam and Buddhism have more faithful follow-The Christian religion is beginning to lose much ground-One still maintains some of the old traditions, but without believing in the deep truths which this religion contains. For superficial reasons one doesn't dare break away completely, but inwardly one has renounced the faith. Only a few are still aware of the secure shelter which God's love offers. One has nothing more in mind than earthly well-being, a chase after possessions, wealth and luxury. One strives to Jive as securely as possible, and looks upon this small, short earthly existence as the real life.
Never before as in this century has mankind been so dependent on itself. It has become a naughty child in puberty; it wants to rid itself of God, as adolescents want to escape their parents' control. It considers itself cleverer than ever before and plunges headlong into disaster.
But God is a strong and strict Father who does not permit this. His will will enforce a change and the beloved problem child will be called back to the family.
You should know that you belong to a great, divine family! The supreme head of the family is God, the great lord of the universe. He shines his love out over all forms of life, like a sun. At his side is the son, who was the first to speak to you of God's fatherly love. He is there for all men, in this form of existence as well as in the other. Think of him as your big, holy brother.
God gave Mary to you as a mother. And you should look upon all star-gods and all angels as exalted relatives, related to you by that tie of love which, originating in God, binds all souls together.
Strict manners and customs exist in this great family. You who are God's children on earth must feel and express the deepest humility towards all prominent servitors of God. This humility and reverence should also be expressed ]n gestures. Therefore, my second commandment is: BE HUMBLE!
Hear now the third commandment: BE STRONG IN YOUR FAITH IN THE GOOD IN MAN!
It is not right if you renounce hope for the improvement of mankind. Those people whose souls are still developing must be improved by the influence of mature and noble souls in such a way that they can begin to eradicate the weakness or the evil within themselves and allow the divine in their souls to begin to develop.
The gift of the Holy Spirit is in every human being. Never consider a human being lost as long as he lives. Everyone on earth has the possibility of finding his way to God. He is never abandoned. As long as they are still on earth, even the most hardened criminals can hope for an improvement in their degenerate souls. But in most cases they do not succeed on their own. They need the encouragement and the influence of good people.
All violence committed by men must be stopped. Today's greatest crime is the possession of the ghastly weapons of destruction which are being amassed in the East and the West. Such weapons should not be allowed to exist. They must be destroyed.
From the hearts of noble people there will be a great storm of indignation against cruelty. So my fourth commandment is: NEVER TOLERATE CRUELTY, INHUMANITY, VIOLENCE and the infliction of pain by the stronger on the weaker!
Go through life with open eyes and fight with all your might any debasement of human feelings. Consider it your most important duty to work as a protector.
In today's pharmaceutical laboratories crimes are being committed against living beings in gruesome experiments. There is no way that the infliction of torture can be excused. He who orders it and he who executes it can expect punishment according to the laws of divine justice. Know that these methods of research are of little benefit to man's health. Nature and the spiritual bond with divine power offer far superior methods of healing.
So take as my fifth commandment: PLACE HUMANITY BEFORE ALL OTHER EARTHLY INTERESTS! All interests! Which means that you must overcome the shadows of your earth-bound souls. Learn to disregard filthy lucre. Everyone should live well, according to the level of society to which he belongs, but do not be slaves to money. That which you do not attain in this life will be given to you after your earthly death.
Live here in the glory of a pure soul and you will experience the love of the angels. They speak to you, they induce thoughts in you, they help you and they make your earthly life better. Go through your earthly fate with these divine companions. Learn to hear their voices: the language of inspiration. Live in their shelter and live for the true life in God's world.