Earthly death and resurrection

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Fear of death is a law of nature, therefore it is a holy law of tiie cosmic spirit. This immense fear of dying is necessary for the preservation of earthly life. It is implanted in all creatures as a force to preserve the species. The glowing urge to live results in the acceptance of all the troubles of life.
You must consider your earthly life the most important and the most precious gift from God. You must never damage, through neglect, the body which envelops the soul.
Recognise in this earthly existence the good fortune of being able to prepare the soul for the inconceivable miracle of resurrection. Know that you are to await, with the utmost anticipatory joy, this supreme happiness of a new life the moment your souls are released from your lifeless bodies.
Nobody who knows his soul to be pure should fear death any longer! You who are old or sick, await the inevitable end with the greatest calm and willingness. Do not cling desperately to this earthly life. See, you are only taking off a cloak that has enveloped you. Death is nothing more.
You who have lived according to God's laws, your souls are filled with radiance when you awake and open your eyes. You look into a countenance of wonderful, heavenly beauty and you recognise your angel in his magnificent, glorious appearance. His arms embrace you tenderly and, filled with his love, you feel a supreme happiness that even I am unable to describe.
You people, look forward to dreaded death with the greatest joy!
God's son has risen from the dead and has prepared the way for all of you.
To die is the beginning of life. To die is only a shadow that leads to the light. To die is the most gentle awakening in the arms of an angel, the most blissful recognition of God's love, the supreme joy of resurrection.