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You people hear much about supreme happiness in heaven. It seems very conceivable to you that souls live on in a world of light, but the joy of eternal life was God's most difficult creation. For happiness is like light. Only because of shadow does one recognise the beauty of light: only through contrast, the form of what exists, the shape of all things. Therefore, God's intense love is not possible without discipline and eternal life is not possible without law and order.
The world beyond has been constructed with supreme wisdom. Selected angels of the stars were entrusted by God with the task of preparing and preserving the order of state which is the foundation of eternal life, the fundamental condition of an existence which cannot be ended by death. This order has been scheduled in the most wonderful way.
Seraphim stand in the service of the Creator as illustrious rulers of human souls. They build and preserve the eternal happiness of man. But the waxing of happiness is only possible where work brings radiance into hearts, where tasks have to be accomplished and where there is variation. A monotonous existence in idleness would be unbearable over a lengthy period of time, even in paradise.
It is the great task of the angels to invigorate the lives of men. They are rulers of fate in the world beyond, creators of individual destinies in a place where there is no suffering and no danger.
Time, in the world beyond, is quite different from here. Time is a concept which implies a beginning and an end. We have only a beginning, the birth as it were into this world beyond, but no limitation of time. There is nothing to terminate life and consequently the redeemed are blissfully calm and serene. But this knowledge of total security would have a very adverse effect on people if they were left to their own devices. They would make one another's lives unbearable through ill-humour if they had nothing else to do but the eternally happy. Happiness is comparable to light, which ^quires the polarity of shadow
Therefore! you must understand that God's seraphim arc very, very necessary for people's happiness in life. They ensure that everybody is constantly watched over, just as they are here. But you must not imagine this to be a totalitarian kind of control of the souls, as is described in Utopian stories. Rather it is an observance of love that is bestowed on people in the world beyond. Should feelings of fatigue accompany inner changes, diversion is provided by the withdrawal of what has been customary. This is in accordance with higher laws. Fates are guided, relationships altered, tasks modified and purifying readjustments effected.
You must see it like this: the soul is a complete replica of the body. Every cell of the earthly body is embedded in the body of the soul. The soul lies within your earthly body like a structure of rays. Unless this basic soul structure is integrated into your physical body you would be unable to live. So it is that all the functions of the earthly body are taken over into the life of the world beyond. Life in God's state is lived in an entirely human, natural and realistic way.
The world beyond is provided with the same interrelationship of elements as the earth. Therefore we also have a wonderful flora and fauna in heaven. But with this difference: the animals in the world beyond exist without the necessity of killing one another. The animals on earth are soul-forming archetypes out of which the happy species of the forms of life of the other world evolve. These divine thoughts of the Creator exist in an immense variety of species in the life beyond and they are not bound by the earthly laws of nature.
You see, the creation of earth had to conform to earthly conditions of life. In the world beyond God has quite different possibilities of preserving and ensuring the happiness of the animals taken from this world. Cats, for instance, which regard mice as their toys and eat them on earth, are just as lovely and playful in the world beyond. But they do not play with living beings. Instead they play with things, which flourishing nature gives them to maintain their joy of life.
God has created an enchanting world of a many thousand wonders - a world sparkling in the spheric shimmer of beauty, in which he included the animal world. Through God's love of life, many marvels are prepared for men and animals in the world beyond.
There all creatures are fed by nature, which blooms and thrives in a profusion which God could not create in the world of heavy matter. And only in your most magical dreams could you imagine a nature which produces the most magnificent, re-invigorating fruits in such infinite variety.
For man's pleasure the animal world is incorporated into the environment of the bright spheres. Earthly impulses, like the inclination to hunt and kill, no longer exist in human souls. Animals live there to delight by their grace and beauty, affection and love, playfulness and high spirits and to give the human souls the realisation of the unity, inter-dependence and solidarity of all creation.
The bliss of eternal life is provided and secured by the order of state of the angels. The whole of the world beyond is subject to this order. Earth-like confusion does not exist. In many areas these worlds have been built by man himself. This is a retrospect of history. The earth-like realms of the blessed have been magnificently constructed by generations of human beings who have advanced from the earth to these spheres. And so mankind is given sites of remembrance of all ages.
A great miracle of the stars is the secret of God's memory. Divine thoughts never perish. Therefore, in the spheres there are cities of the earth from, classical antiquity, even from pre-historic cultures.
We also have the miracle of the light-reflection of all divine thoughts in the celestial substance of eternal construction.
Nothing that has sprung from God's spirit is ever lost. The past of the earth is everlastingly present. The blessed are released from time.
Blissful life is an existence in beauty. Eternity is motion without time.
Time is linked to an end, to decline, to death. We have no end, no death. Therefore, time dissolves in eternity. What remains is motion, for nothing stands still.
God's spirit is stimulation. This stimulation permeates \\ everything. If the whole universe of stars did not receive the vibrations of God's power, all life would become inert.
The blessed, therefore, live in timelessness, wonderfully stimulated and continuously refreshed by divine impulses. But even in the realm of stars of the world beyond, the hours pass. The stars do not stand still. Heaven pulsates in the rhythm of eternity.
A time current of steady stimulation flows through the universe. It is like an inhalation and exhalation of the cosmos. All life beyond is subject to this rhythm. So the threads of history extend through life in the even pace of motion-Life tasks are fulfilled, new ones set and fulfilled again-There is constant motion.
In the world beyond suns also shine on the planets-Variation is brought about by periods of proximity remoteness so that, even in the environment of the there is winter and summer.
Beauty is created wherever God is active. Behold how beautiful God's creatures are on earth, incorporated into the conditions of earthly existence! How beautiful is the appearance of time-bound creatures, inheritors of the Creator's wonderful ideas! When they enter the realms of eternal life, they are released from all time-bound imperfections.
Although the blessed wanderers through eternity shine in the glory of God, they are, nevertheless, under the strict command of his will. God's will is the supreme law.
All people, whether in this world or in the world beyond, are watched over. A comprehensive picture of the soul of every man on earth is obtained from the constant observation of his thoughts, his words and his deeds. "God hears and sees everything" is not a fairytale for children; it is reality. So it is that the worthiness or unworthiness of the soul is crystallised by the observation and examination of the entire life-span.
The blessed enter heaven as redeemed souls of high spiritual value. There, they are no longer examined for worthiness or unworthiness. They are redeemed for all times - freed from reincarnation. They live independently and without restraint. Nobody troubles them with instructions, although the vibrations of their hearts are watched. These vibrations are registered by special receivers. This is a type of health inspection of the soul.
If a person's soul is burdened and his emotions register S1gns of disturbance, there is intervention in his life. The Qualities endangering his happiness are illuminated, and W-giving angels step in.
A strong bond of love unites all who live in the world beyond and yet jt js possible for happiness to become endangered. Signs of fatigue can cloud the state of propinquity; feelings of weariness from habitual activities can arise and so on. In such cases strict divine justice afford; renewed happiness of life by withdrawing the customary pleasant conditions and leading the person back to the light through shadow. The arrangements made by the angels are not even noticed. Circumstances and events influenced by fate refresh and invigorate life.
God's love and God's wisdom is above everything man has ever been able to understand and imagine.