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I want to tell you the story of my miracle. We call a miracle that which we cannot explain scientifically, or grasp with our intellect and categorize into the normal, the familiar or the ordinary. And yet, such a miracle is just as natural as life in its myriad forms. It is only that our rational minds have not yet managed to penetrate into the mysterious world beyond, the realm of the invisible, the flowing and breathing reality of spirit life.
There are people who know about it: they have profound knowledge or inquiring, investigative minds; they are devout or deeply religious. I was not such a person. I had a clear and healthy mind. I had received a good, all-round education. I lived, as you might say, a righteous life and I was content.
Until one day the miracle occurred. The world beyond broke into my every-day existence and I was confronted with the incredible recognition of God's reality.
Actually, the story of my miracle had begun in my childhood, but I had long since forgotten about it. A child finds everything miraculous: every flower, every animal. And heaven and earth are one. God, the loving Father, was as real to me as a human being. I took it for granted that I could understand him whenever he spoke to me. It never occurred to me that this might be something unusual.
My childhood was extremely happy. Although my parents were neither Catholic nor Protestant, they were not atheists and they brought me up to be religious.
We lived at the Tegernsee. The images of my childhood -the neighbouring farms and mountains, the glistening Weissach; …