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My aim is to save mankind from destruction. To achieve this, I need the collaboration of all noble souls. A mighty current of faith must flow across the entire earth and rise up to God's eternal world of stars.
Behold, you are all the Father's children. Nobody is alone, nobody must believe that he is lonely. You are all bound to God by rays of love. The pain and suffering on earth will pass, but the vital power of the Holy Spirit within you will remain forever. Accept these statements as the truth. Understand that God's human son wants to guide all his lost and errant siblings back to the Father.
/ search for you, I call yon, I love you! My arms are wide of en, come to my heart!
Be assured, the morning sun sends forth its first rays. A new day dawns in the history of mankind.
Mighty is the power of the mind. The words of those who pray are weapons against all that is evil and rotten on this earth. Rejoice my people! And unite in this joy.
Tell everyone: Jesus has come! He sends light and happiness into your lives on earth.
Now the stars are turning, and no one must fear for the future any longer. Now I give my life to you for the second
But not as earth-born man, as God I give you all the power of love I possess. I want to work among you day and night. A host of powerful angels is in my service. A wave of love will overflow .the borders of countries. In the age to come wars will belong to the historical past. On all questions at issue, the nations will come to peaceful agreements. The educated and knowledgeable people of all nations must Work with all their might for the purity and order of the earth, against the interests of those who do not want to listen to reason. It is absolutely necessary that the politicians take the warnings of the scientists seriously and consider them more important than anything else.
I shall achieve my goal, but I expect your co-operation. Use every mental power for the good deed. Bind your souls to God and give all the love of your hearts to the son of the Creator.