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In your ancient scriptures you read about Adam and Eve and the paradise on earth. From the beginning, life on earth has always been hard, difficult and cruel. But the ancients who received divine revelations, also received the great heritage of memory, of God's memory of a blissful world, a Garden of Eden which he had created in the image of this earth.
Once God created a man and a woman and awakened them to life: Adam and Eve. These archetypes of man, however, did not live on the earth as you do, but in a spheric spirit world. Paradise with all its creatures was a plan of life for God.
After this, he began the construction of the earthly world and embarked on the long road of millions of years of disappointments, with anticipations of eternity.
For the development of the so-called homo sapiens, God utilised soul substance from the Holy Spirit's star current, enriched with soul substance of highly developed animals. It is known in other religions that human souls were formed from highly developed animals as well. God stands above all religions. Everywhere God's spirit is at work.