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At birth every child has a pure soul, but it has to develop it. Through the wparticular life into which it has been placed, it must build and advance this pure soul to the highest level. If the child fails, its soul is cleansed and reincarnated and is pure once again at the outset.
If the child's fate places it in a life that gives it the possibility of fulfilling God's laws and it does not act accordingly, it has failed. If a child develops in such a way that its soul remains pure, if it pays attention to its conscience and suppresses all the bad qualities which could develop, it will readily enter heaven.
Parents, always believe in the good that is in your children! It is possible that a child becomes involved in a crisis; if so, give it all the more love. If, through foolishness or weakness it has done wrong, do not punish it too severely. Help it back on to the right path. Should it occur, however, that a child commits an inhuman and brutal deed, it is in serious danger.
Implant into the hearts of your children as soon as they begin to think and understand, the love of all God's creatures. Children who love animals will never be able to be cruel. Never permit your children to torture animals or abuse them through thoughtless neglect.
Explain to them that all animals, even the smallest ones, can feel pain and are not toys. A person who already as a child loved God's creatures will always have reverence for creation and as an adult will have compassion for his fellow men.
Even if a child is born into a miserable life, its soul will mature. You have all suffered at one time or another, or you are doing so now, or you will do so in the future.
The apparent injustice of earthly fates is only so from man’s point of view. According to the highest order there is no injustice. Every soul can prove itself m this life andmature to perfection.
For those who were raised as Christians and remain bound to God's son in their life on earth, there is no re incarnation. They enter God's world.