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The Uncut Jewel
A divine communication to mankind
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Ordering: ISBN 3-87667-126-4

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A divine communication to mankind. Unique messages of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and sublime angels.
This book explains secret miracles and connections of the universe. Its name “The Uncut Jewel” was the wish of Jesus and shall state its pure and uncut messages. Nothing in it was changed by men’s spirit.
In the first part of the book, the reader finds out about the ‘personal miracle’ of Gerda Johst, pushing open the window to the world beyond. By writing automatically and hearing these wonderful words inside her, Gerda Johst allows the reader in the second part of the book to receive great insights into the plan of creation and messages, concerning our present and future life on earth and in heaven. Further, the work of sublime angels and cosmic powers is explained in detail.
Some examples are messages, explaining reincarnation, marriage and names, functions and empires of the angels of destiny. “The Uncut Jewel” is a treasure of unique beauty, greatest lyrical highness and true biblical validity.

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