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This homepage was created in order to support all the people searching for the truth.
It contains many messages of the spiritual world, given to Gerda Johst and other famous mediums.
Especially Gerda Johst has received these messages by writing automatically or hearing dictations inside her. She is the author of four books, in which she publishes everything that was given to her as a medium.
Her first book, the "The Uncut Juwel", is translated into English.
All her books consist of wonderful messages of Jesus Christ,
Mother Mary and great high angels, answering to the majority of our questions.
Like Jesus tells us in 'The Stars brightness of eternity'
"The inspirations of heaven must correspond with the basic swinging
of the receiver's soul, otherwise inaccuracies are put in.
I really can't play on a violin in the same way like on an organ."
That means, most mediums subconsciously falsify the received messages in a special kind of way, by putting in their own philosophy. That’s what makes Gerda Johst’s books so special, because she has managed to exclude her own opinion while writing automatically.

The messages, received by her, are characterized by an extraordinary purity and sovereignty of language.
My best wishes to all people searching for the truth. Have joy, while reading these books.